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The Royal Wedding Flowers

After much expectation today we could see the flowers at Harry and Meghan´s wedding.

For the bouquet, the white collection of flowers were Forget-Me-Nots (Diana´s favourite flower), sweet peas, lily of the valley, astilbe, jasmine and astrantia. It also included a sprig of myrtle, a royal tradition which symbolizes hope and love.

For the church arrangements we could see branches of beech, birch and hornbeam, decorated with white garden roses, peonies and foxgloves.

The style was simple, elegant and almost wild showing how a natural look can have a great impact. Modern flower designs are relaxed and make the most of the seasonal flowers. Of course not everyone has the luxury of picking flowers from their garden but it would be a joy to use flowers that can be found out there not only sourced by the flower industry suppliers. I often feel like picking up all kinds of flowers and foliage from my walks and have a play with them (if only they were not on private property), I am sure they would be amazing arrangements!

Another excellent idea is to replant them. I feel it is a bit of a shame to dispose of so many flowers and foliage after an event and I have been thinking of how to work with charities to find them a home with people who can´t afford to have flowers decorating their rooms.

May this unique wedding pave the path for new and bold ideas for weddings and events all over the world. It was truly So Blooming Beautiful!


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