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We are Cambridge Indie

Candice joined the fantastic group of Independent Businesses in Cambridge

Read the full interview for the Cambridge Indie:

"Recipients of a gorgeous creation from So Blooming Beautiful will get so much more than a floral arrangement. Owned and run by Candice Westgate, the Cambridge-based florist creates truly breath-taking floral creations, but creating something that’s simply pretty isn’t enough for Candice. Born and raised in Brazil, she carved a successful career for herself working in international commerce, which took her around the world. After settling in Cambridge Candice began volunteering at a public garden and it was here that she discovered her love for flowers and decided to take a giant leap of faith. After re-training in the art of floristry Candice changed career and launched So Blooming Beautiful - and hasn’t looked back since.

Working from her Cambridge home, Candice creates bespoke floral displays, gifts and arrangements for all occasions ranging from anniversaries to corporate events. At the heart of her business is the aim to tell a person or company’s story through the language of flowers in order to create a truly unique arrangement. When you commission So Blooming Beautiful to create a floral arrangement Candice will carry out a consultation either in person or on email in order to build a profile of the person or company she is creating for, which she will then reflect in the creation. Whether it’s a special birthday bouquet created using the recipient’s favourite colour or a corporate stand decoration incorporating a company’s values through the use of individual props, Candice is able to create a unique piece to meet her customers exact requirements. 

All of Candice’s creations are made using fresh flowers which she personally sources from quality suppliers and if there’s something out of the ordinary you’re looking for, just ask, Candice will be happy to help.  So, if you’re in need of bespoke flowers for a special event or occasion look no further than So Blooming Beautiful."


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