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Our styling and flowers at Hedingham Castle

When I first visited Hedingham Castle, I immediately had an idea for a styled shoot with a Medieval mood but showing a modern strong woman. Walking inside the castle, I felt transported back to that age when life was so intense, and I imagined deep jewel tones, dark corners and magical light through the windows.

The inspiration is aimed at couples who love historical venues with stunning outdoors, but would also like to feel cosy and intimate when indoors for the ceremony and feel all the incredible surroundings around them at the reception when celebrating with friends and family.

What I tried to achieve with this shoot was, on one side, to show a mix of medieval inspiration, which you can see with the fruits scattered between the candle holders on top of luscious satin silk drapes complemented by all the amazing props from Dolly’s Vintage Tea Party. That is was a perfect frame for the centrepiece I created in the same tones. To finish the style, beautiful stationery in deep green and ruby from Nicky, couldn’t be more perfect.

On the other side I wanted to show all the artistry that can be seen on a cake table, where I created a flower cloud framed like a painting to go alongside a stunning cake in Burgundy and gold with an element I love to use in my floristry and styling that is a draping, or something flying or escaping from the shape but still elegant and creative. Toni brought my inspiration to life and blew my mind with something really extraordinary. We added some fruit and candles on a red fabric that went up behind the cake.

The style of photography I was going for, was dark corners and warm light to highlight once more, the venue and the medieval theme. Andrew has achieved the result, and nothing was too much to ask. His artistic approach and attention to detail made all the difference.

As for the dress, I wanted a gown that was flowy but big and that would incorporate the Burgundy or Ruby red on the train with all the delicate traditional details of a wedding dress. Felicity Westmacott accepted the challenge and created in just 4 days a dress for this shoot. Again, another amazing artist who I had the pleasure to collaborate with!

Having a model like Rohiny, made it all come together to show a strong woman, who knows what she wants and is not afraid to be delicate as well as show her personality. Jemma highlighted her natural beauty with warm golden eyeshadow suited for her skin tone. She also created the perfect hair do, with half of it down and the top tied up to fit the stunning tiara from Vintage Adornments and again they contributed to the overall elegant but luscious look.

When I do a shoot, they are as collaborative as possible, giving the artist the creative input, but letting them explore new possibilities. Same for the little details of all other suppliers. Their attention to detail has been second to none and I would like to give special thanks to an amazing wedding planner who is Vikki, without her ideas, organisation and friendly spirit nothing would have been possible.


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