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A little about me

A little about me. I grew up around a family of creatives, from painters to architects, decorators, musicians, I was surrounded with creativity and style. 


With the aim to bring that feeling of an artistic and elegant atmosphere into people's celebrations. I created So Blooming Beautiful, which allows me to use my floral craftsmanship as well as my sense of styling to make weddings and other events bloom. 


Coming from Brazil, a country where nature is abundant and creativity flourishes everywhere, I try to bring a sensitivity to connect with people and understand them. That translates into the work when using natural elements, colours and props to bring my client’s personality and dream to life. 


Everything I do is tailor made for the client, from modern venues through to medieval castles, I create one of a kind designs to fulfil your vision at the venue of your choice.


Regardless of the event, I hope you will feel impressed when you enter the room you choose to celebrate in (at home, in the garden, at work or at a venue) with the bespoke flower designs and styling created for your special day. If that happens, I have reached my goal! 


Candice Westgate

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