Bespoke Flowers

By Candice

I am passionate about nature and how a touch of flowers and foliage in the room can transform a simple day into a festive, special one. I love creating bespoke flowers for individuals and businesses and bringing their personalities to life via flowers.


I wanted to bring the feeling of a special day into people´s homes and businesses; therefore I created So Blooming Beautiful, which allows me to use my floral craftsmanship to make others bloom. 


I did my training at a private flower school and also thought myself. I come from Brazil, a country where nature is abundant and creativity flourishes everywhere. I hope I can make you, your family, clients and stakeholders feel good every time you look at the bespoke flower designs I created for your special day. If that happens, I have reached my goal! 

If you are looking for a bespoke florist to create something beautiful with flowers then you’ve come to the right place and I’d love to meet you and chat further. Everything I do is Bespoke. I create Bespoke Flower Designs unique to you.