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Red Colour Palette Wedding Decor Ideas: A Passionate Affair

A wedding is a celebration of love and commitment, and the choice of a colour palette can set the stage for a beautiful and memorable day. Few colours make as bold a statement as red, infusing your wedding decor with a sense of passion, love, and drama.

Explore the various aspects of using red in your wedding decor, including the perfect colour

pairings, the symbolism behind red weddings, and how to incorporate stylish decor elements into your big day.

The Perfect Pairings: Complementing Red with Other Hues

Red is a versatile colour that can be beautifully complemented by several other hues to create striking wedding colour combinations. Here are some of the best colour pairings for a red-themed wedding:

1. Gold and Red:

Infuse luxury and opulence into your wedding by pairing gold with red. Incorporate gold accents in table settings, centrepieces, and bridal accessories to add a touch of glamor.

2. Ivory and Red:

Create an elegant and timeless look by combining ivory with red. Use ivory table linens, floral arrangements, and bridal attire to achieve a classic aesthetic.

3. Blush and Red:

Embrace romance and femininity by blending blush with red. Consider using blush-coloured flowers and decor elements to create a charming, delicate ambiance.

4. Silver and Red:

Achieve a modern and sophisticated atmosphere by pairing silver with red. Silver accents in

tableware, centrepieces, and accessories add a touch of contemporary chic.

Photo: Lysa Clare

The Power of Red: A Good Choice for Weddings

Red is not just a colour; it's a statement. Here's why red is a fantastic choice for your wedding:

Symbol of Love: Red is universally associated with love and passion, making it the perfect

choice to symbolise the deep connection between you and your partner.

Energetic and Exciting: Red is a vibrant and attention-grabbing colour, ensuring that your

wedding decor is lively and memorable.

Versatile: From bold and dramatic to soft and romantic, red can be adapted to suit various

wedding themes and styles.

Beautiful in All Seasons: Red works well in any season, bringing warmth to fall and winter

weddings, and adding a pop of colour to spring and summer celebrations.

Embracing Red: The Meaning of a Passionate Choice

A red-themed wedding is an expression of passion and love, a celebration of the bond between two individuals. While the concept of a red wedding may have different connotations in various contexts, in many countries it's a choice that reflects the depth of emotion and the vibrancy of the love you share.

Photo: Lysa Clare

Incorporating Red Decor Elements

Now that you have decided to embrace the power of a red colour palette for your wedding, here are some ideas to incorporate red decor elements:

Red Chair Sashes:

Adorn your wedding chairs with elegant red chair sashes to add a touch of red to your seating arrangements. These sashes can be tied in lovely bows or drapes, creating a polished look.

Burgundy Napkins:

Elevate your table settings with rich and sumptuous burgundy napkins. These deep red napkins add a sense of luxury to your dining experience.

Dusty Rose Drapes:

Balance the intensity of red with soft and delicate dusty rose drapes. Use them as backdrop

curtains, tablecloth overlays, or as part of your bridal attire.

Red Floral Arrangements:

Incorporate bold red floral arrangements in your centrepieces, bouquets, and ceremony decor. Roses, tulips, and peonies are popular choices.

Red Candles and Lighting:

Enhance the romantic ambiance with red candles and lighting. Consider using red candle

holders and lanterns for a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Embracing a red colour palette for your wedding decor is a bold and passionate choice that

symbolises love, passion, and commitment. The versatility of red allows you to pair it with

various colours to create the atmosphere that suits your style, whether it's the opulence of gold, the timeless elegance of ivory, the charm of blush, or the modern chic of silver.

We hope that your red-themed wedding will be a celebration of love and joy. Infuse your

wedding decor with the vibrancy and richness of red, creating a day that's both powerful and unforgettable.


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