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Impactful Designs for Intimate Weddings

Updated: Feb 26, 2021

The increase in intimate weddings bring the focus on floral installations. From the traditional arch to decorating an existing structure in the venue or even your back yard, couples are embracing the emphasis on impactful designs.

Here I am going to talk about 3 ideas for installations that you can use for your wedding:

1. Suspended Flower Decoration

2. Floral Installations on existing structures

3. Interactive Flower Wall

Suspended Flowers

Suspended flower decorations are great to make a statement, it shows the couple's personality and are perfect in smaller receptions as they bring coziness and warmth as they are so close to the guests.

They can be created in so many different styles! If you like delicate and discrete designs something like individual flowers in water tubes hanging over the table is an excellent option!

If you like something more whimsical, how about a floral cloud? Smaller in size, its presence brings a light and airy atmosphere without losing the impact in the room.

Finally to bring the garden feeling indoors, you can have a colourful and wild looking style that inputs joy and relaxation. Perfect for couples who love gardens and the outdoors.

Floral Installations on existing structures

Like the suspended flowers, another impactful design is to dress existing structures in your venue with flowers and foliage.

Stairs, mantelpieces, doors, chandeliers and so many other structures can be used. Depending on where the structure is, it will bring a wow factor at the beginning, or during your reception. If, for instance, you decorate a staircase, the guests will be wowed by the design when they arrive.

Thinking about a big entrance, one can dress the door (from top to bottom instead of just the doorway) from where the couple is coming into the room. This will also provide a special moment at the beginning of the celebration.

A mantelpiece itself can be very impressive, but the floral installation will bring it to another level! There are no limits to your imagination and I love a challenge, so just go for it!

Interactive Flower Wall

Flower walls are very popular not only in weddings but also in many other celebrations. As we all want to be closer to friends and family especially after this pandemic, how about making your flower wall interactive?

No matter the size, you can have a flower wall at the entrance or exit of your party and your guests can be invited to take a flower with them when they leave or when they arrive. Alternatively, upon arrival, they could pick a flower and add it to a vase on the table and create their own centrepieces, or they could take them home as a lovely keepsake of your wedding.

You could add a thank you message to each flower as a special touch.

As receptions will probably be smaller, the couple should be able to redirect their budget to a very personal experience. I hope these ideas will help you with transforming your day, be it big or small and intimate!

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