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How to Choose your Wedding Colours

One of the first concerns you’ll have when you are planning your wedding is “what are the colours?” It feels like something you should know from the start but it can be difficult to choose and share this with your vendors, specially about the flowers!

Colours send messages and set the mood for the day, so you want to get it right. One way to start is to think about your day like an emotion: is it warm and cosy? is it calm and relaxed? Or do you want to feel exited and energetic? That will give you clues as to what colours would you like to have in your wedding.

Here are some ideas of emotions and colours:

If you’re looking for some help narrowing your focus, consider nature. And what better way than thinking about the flowers? Which ones will be in season when you walk down the aisle? While you can get pretty much any flowers year-round, it’s much more affordable (and eco-friendly) to go with seasonal stems.

Also remember that they should be expressions of your personalities. It should be about what you like, what is your favourite colour? Check your own bedroom, clothes and accessories, etc. you buy colours that you love most. Incorporate them into your wedding because, it’s all about you.

Another way to help you decide is the style. The style also conveys colours as we show below:

  • Romantic Shades of pink, blue, and ivory.

  • Vintage Gold, turquoise, light blue, cantaloupe, apricot, moss, and honeydew.

  • Whimsical or Boho Yellow, blush, white, salmon, daffodil, and muted neutrals.

  • Modern Contemporary Shades of blue, red, green, neutrals, and metallic.

  • Rustic Country Jewel tones, greenery, grey, lavender, champagne, and hazelnut.

  • Garden Lavender, green, blush, coral, peach, yellow, and pastels.

  • Classic Formal Black, white, pink, blush, and grey.

  • Nautical Sea glass blue, coral, fuchsia, navy, and silver.

  • Eco-Natural Olive, mint, sage, emerald, and grayed jade.

  • Tropical Teal, Purple, Green, Silver, Beige, and orange.

  • Christmas Shades of red, brown, green, neutrals, and gold.

When I work with my couples one of the first questions I ask them is style and colour palette. The two should work together and they say a lot about them. Hopefully I will also meet them face to face and that will also help me think about bouquet size, style and colours for example, or ideas for their top table flowers, how much and how little it should be. What designs will please them?

You might like your colours but have a completely opposite style. All that should be working together to please the eye. Your guests will also have that feeling when they walk into the venue and think "this is so like them"! That is my goal, to understand you essence as a couple and colours are one part of it.

Finally, a few tips for what to be careful with:

Going with the trends: Pantone colour of the year or colour trends are just what the market out there wants you to buy, don’t feel forced into choosing trending colours if you’re not big on them. Trends will fade but you are timeless.

Bright Colours: They may be your favorite colours but balancing is key. Pair a bright colour with a muted one. The eyes need a rest. In an arrangement, your eyes move from colour to colour so they need to go from bright to neutral, back to bright. Also, opt for tones that are in between colours. Of course you don't have to know that, this is part of my job.

Venue colours: don't ignore them, rather work your colours into the venue. Highlight accents from the venue that you like instead of hiding them. I like to visit the venue or at least see pictures of it. That is because I will incorporate small details in the arrangement to incorporate the colours around the room. This will bring a cohesive look all around.

I hope this is helpful in your journey towards your dream wedding day. I am always open to have a chat so please email, phone or let have a coffee and talk about it. You will feel much more confident and happy with your choices.

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