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Flowers to suit your company’s image and boost produtivity.

Updated: Feb 26, 2021

Research consistently links indoor flowers with well-being. Cognitive performance is better in offices with plants than in workplaces without them. Smelling floral scents also seems to put us in a good mood and make us feel less anxious. Flowers may take the edge off during exams or before a major presentation — and smelling daisies doesn’t leave you with a hangover!

Flowers in dining rooms are also a good idea —people with fresh flowers on their tables seem to be in better moods.

If you’re picking a bunch of flowers, remember that less saturated and brighter colors are generally more relaxing, while bold saturated colors will energize you. A bunch with colors that fall near each other on the color wheel will also be more calming; with the opposite effect ensuing if the colors are opposite each other. Curvy shapes have generally been shown to be relaxing.

Flowers can make lovely (and inexpensive) alternatives to art. Make your office a more appealing place to work, and impress visitors if you regularly hold meetings there.

We can easily find the right flowers to suit your company’s image. Whether you’re looking to complement chic modern spaces with small potted trees in the lobby or use colourful flowers to brighten up a space. There are many options and it can be hugely beneficial to get the whole workplace involved.


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