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How to plan flowers for a special dinner party

When planning a dinner party for a special person or group of people, flowers are often found on the table in two or four smaller vases, in addition to a larger arrangement in the centre.

At So Blooming Beautiful we like to create a link between the special guest or the group and the flowers. Who is the guest of honour? How is his/her personality? Which colours do they like? Is the group very relaxed or formal? Questions like these can help you create the right flower centrepiece to make them feel special.

If you consider the season, the combination between the person/group personality and the room style, all shall look beautiful. For instance, if your guest has a relaxed personality try to use green foliage that will hang from the vase and touch the table and a mix of wild flowers and other small blooms placed in an asymmetric shape. On the other hand if you need to please a more reserved person or a group from work, the safe classic arrangement with greens and white blooms shall work every time.

You can also make it extra special by adding a flower ring as a napkin holder on every plate or place your guest´s favourite flower on top of his/her plate. You can order the napkin decorations from us; just let us know the details.

A few mistakes must be avoided, such as: don't let a centrepiece overwhelm the table; be careful not to have a centrepiece that blocks the views of people sitting across from one another and don't create a centrepiece that hinders serving and dining.

Also remember that fresh flowers need special care so that they do not wilt by the time the party starts. Special care should be taken on the day of the dinner by cutting the flowers in the early morning or late evening and placing them in lukewarm water; cut flower ends on the diagonal and pluck leaves from stems that lie beneath the waterline; add a couple of aspirin, a sugar cube, or a few drops of bleach; keep the flowers in a cool spot away from direct sunlight; and revive wilted flowers by re-cutting stem ends and putting them in warm water and then into cool water.

On our social media you will find tips for flowers according to the season, room, personality, flower meaning and also about dinner etiquette.


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