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A white wedding with peonies

Updated: Jun 13, 2022

Utterly romantic! A classic white and green wedding is timeless. I am happy to have them coming up this season.

As with other flowers, like roses, white peonies are hard to recognise while it's still closed so therefore I present to you the whitest peonies. These exquisite all-white flowers are perfect for classic chic weddings.

I have selected the following peonies for a white wedding to inspire you.

Ann Cousins Peony Intensely fragrant

Ann Cousins ​​is a full-petalled peony. This enchanting peony has a wonderful, intense fragrance. It's flower size is

100 - 150 mm, 150 - 200 mm. Ann Cousins is shaped like a rose. It blooms late in the season. The flowers are pure white and can grow to about 17 cm wide. There are bigger white varieties available, but if you like fragrance, this is the one for you.

Bowl of Cream Peony No fragrance

The name is inspired by the huge flowers that look like big cups filled with whipped cream. They come with massive stems, they are sturdy and solid and perfectly able to carry the large flowers. They bloom in mid-season. The flowers are 150 - 200 mm, 200 - 250 mm and have no fragrance.

Bridal Shower Peony


White, subtle, with a wonderful fragrance. The flower has a diameter of about 15 cm and the thousands of small leaves form into a perfect ball-shape. The inner leaves sometimes turn a bit yellow, although in practice it’s hardly noticeable. This peony is an excellent choice for a (bridal) bouquet because of its medium-sized bud.

Duchesse de Nemours Peony


It is the whitest peony and It’s one of the oldest varieties. It has globe-shaped flowers and wonderful fragrance. It is very popular because the bright white colours of the flowers make her very well suited for a bridal bouquet and the flowers are medium-sized which let it combine easily with others. The flowers are about 13 to 15 cm wide.

Are you having a white wedding and love peonies? Get in touch to talk about your ideas for a wedding full of peonies!

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