Boxes are a really effective way of making an unusual gift that can be repeated again and again no matter what the season or occasion.


A Bento box is a Japanese lunch box where each food has its own compartment. In our box instead of food we use seasonal flowers and foliage in a wooden tray divided into compartments.


Different flower compartments inside a wooden tray. Here you see white orchids, grasses, berries and stock. 


Size: 25cm x 25cm, height: 7cm. Antiqued wood.


 The type of flowers may vary depending on seasonal availability. 

Luxury Design Large Bento Box

Flower Scheme
  • Keep the arrangement away from draughts, sunlight and radiators.

    The cooler the room, the longer the flowers will last.

    Remove blooms as they fade.

    Alternatively throw it all away when all of them do.

    Get in touch if you experience any problems.

  • Free delivery for Cambridge and a flat fee of £5.00 out of Cambridge.