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Why are bridal bouquets more expensive?

Updated: Nov 29, 2021

We have been getting many enquiries and one frequently asked question is why we charge more for the bridal bouquet?

To create one bridal bouquet with a variety of flowers and foliages (that is why they are so special) your florist will have to buy approximately 10-15 wraps of flower to create just one bouquet.

Many people question prices from fellow florists and maybe it’s because people don’t understand what goes into a bridal bouquet. If you say: “I just need one bunch” it doesn’t make it cheaper as the remaining flowers may be hard to sell if they are specific and they will likely come with a high price tag due to the fact they are luxurious and specially ordered.

This makes for potential waste and in return means we end up paying more for the flowers than you have paid for the bridal bouquet.

Florists can’t buy one of this and two of that unfortunately as our wholesalers sell in 10’s, 20’s and sometimes 50’s.

We always like to remind our clients that they are paying for skill set, passion, experience, knowledge on the finest flowers and their properties as well as the time it takes to plan, prep, create and deliver.

The number of hours we take to source the right flowers and the best silk ribbons in the right shade is also taken into account as it is part of labour and time we dedicate to create a bouquet.

After that, when the flowers arrive they need to be conditioned and looked after in order to look their best on the day.

We also add to the bouquet as a keepsake, the recipe of what you are getting and what was the inspiration. If delivered the day before, you will get it in a jar of water to keep it fresh for when you need it.

A lot goes in to your bouquet as well as other arrangements and installations beyond flowers.

Please be mindful when your are declining a quotation even if it doesn’t suit you, there are reasons florists charge what they do. At So Blooming Beautiful we are happy to explain all the details about our quotes, from every pin to every stem if you are interested.

We hope this helps and since you are here, why not follow us on Instagram and get more information, inspiration and beautiful flowers!


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