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Weddings in times of Coronavirus: ideas and flowers.

Updated: Jan 13, 2021

The coronavirus pandemic has affected just about every area of our lives — large events especially. The modern wedding industry faces an unprecedented challenge and it seems that many couples are purposefully having to downsize their wedding celebrations, make them more personal and have more quality time spent with each person. While the weddings of the future may be smaller in attendance, couples can make them bigger in meaning.

As receptions will probably be smaller, a cool, calm and relaxed vibe may be preferred. Therefore it is expected that colour schemes will be mainly in pastel hues like dusky pinks, lilacs, pastel pink, peach with a pop of colour such as orange or coral.

Another expected trend are personalised elements. At So Blooming Beautiful we can create flower Bento-Boxes in the same hues of the wedding decoration to be given as gifts to special guests. Apart from flowers we can add other elements to the box that will represent the couple.

To tackle social distancing we would advise to create islands of people from same households or closest friends. That could be done using flowers. How about garlands of flowers/foliage delimiting areas for each group, turning the dance floor or the reception areas into a beautiful maze?

Live stream is another trend, have your guests join in, ask them to share their toasts and joy virtually and even join in on a (socially-distant) dance. Another way flowers can be used to connect to virtual guests is by sending them one of the bouquet flowers by post before the wedding with a note for them to raise the flower when the couple is declared husband and wife.

Anything that will give couples, families and friends a way to get closer but still respect social distancing is a good way to go, and why not do that with flowers?

Get in touch to talk about your ideas and let's find creative and beautiful floral ways to make your day even more special.


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