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Spend wisely on your wedding flowers

Updated: Dec 8, 2022

Inspired by conversations with couples, I have added a few tips and information for you to consider when planning your wedding flowers.

Make sure you know how much you've budgeted for flowers and let me know at the beginning. If you have no clue, depending on what you need, I can say that £1,500.00 is a realistic starting amount to spend. We can discuss a range you would like to stay within or a spending cap. I will work to fit to your budget and find creative ways to make your dream wedding come true.

Every florist has their own style and even if you show us something from Pinterest it will never be exactly the same. Also no two bouquets are the same even when created by the same florist as flowers can be slightly different from each other and unless you know exactly the name of that rose you saw online, you might get the approximate colour in real life.

Use seasonal blooms. It really does make a difference. And obviously, it creates a more natural, seasonal look. I am able to advise on this and if you've got your heart set on a certain flower but it's just not practical for the time of year, I will be able to suggest something else.

Don't feel obliged to book with me if it doesn't feel right. It's important to remember that, although I will be working to your brief, I am a creative person and will produce my best work when I am working within my style. Some people would choose a wedding florist that has a very structured style, some may choose a florist with a more wildflower/boho approach, some may prefer a florist that makes the most wonderful classic bouquets. Have a think about the general style of your day and check if I can share your vision. It will be a pleasant journey for the both of us. By the way, my style is relaxed, lush and colourful. :-)

I am very flexible about payments, so if you wish to pay in instalments or all in one lump sum, it's fine. What ever works for both of us can be negotiated. Finally, get in touch, book a Zoom call, phone call or a face-to-face over a cuppa.

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