Relax, Recharge...

Updated: Mar 12

There's so much to do nowadays: have a career, be a parent or partner (or both), have a social life, keep fit, keep up on social media... As a result, we often feel overstimulated and don’t know where to turn to next. It is so hard to turn it off, so how do we restore the balance?

To focus on calm and serenity, and in an environment in which we can destress and recharge is more and more popular now-a-days. Having flowers and plants with natural healing powers, and a simple palette that creates a space for deflecting the stress from outside seems to be the way.

Everything associated with a soft, muting filter, like rounded, delicate forms in pastel and natural shades, with an accent of pink here and there. White is a colour that frequently occurs in the colour palette. Patterns only appear if they are soothing, and materials are mainly natural.

So here at So Blooming Beautiful we are launching a range of Bento-Boxes in white painted wood with flowers in pastel colours and simple forms to conjure the relax, destress style. A great gift for all occasions!

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