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Red, Pink, Orange and Yellow Colour Palette for Late Summer / Autumn Weddings

What's more romantic than warm tones? This colour palette conveys passion and energy and also symbolises everything from strength to joy to luck. If you are getting married on late summer or autumn months, this is a great opportunity to bring bold colours and happy flowers. Although bold, it can also be incorporated into a classic, elegant affair. Or are you more of a modern festival kind of couple? Whatever the case, there's a bold and beautiful wedding flower idea for you.

Bold colours for a late summer wedding centrepiece. Red, orange and pink Dahlias, earthy roses, purple hydrangeas and beautiful gloriosa flower on a bed of eucalyptus.
Red, Pink, Yellow and Orange flowers.

These colours are called analogous as they are side by side on the colour wheel. This colour combination is versatile, but needs balance so it's not overwhelming. The way to work with them is to choose one dominant colour, and use the others as accents. So suppose you choose red as the main colour and the others will be used in filler flowers, vases, ribbons, table linen, etc.

I have a great example of that combination at the Wedding I did in September 2021. In charge of the flowers was the mother of the bride, who was an artist and such a pleasure to work with! She wanted that festival vibe and she was doing many things herself. The table linen and the bridesmaids dresses were two areas where red was the dominant colour and those warm tones were used around them.

Automnal bouquets made with red dahlias, roses and sunflowers.
Bouquets with Red Dahlias, Sunflowers and Roses.

As the bridesmaids dresses were red, the bride wanted their bouquets to be full of sunflowers (yellow), but in a traditional round shape. As you can see bold colours were used but the designs were classic. The buttonholes were Burgundy dahlias and a white spray rose, except for the groom's - who had also a sunflower in it.

Another idea to soften this colour palette is to mix the flowers with a lot of foliage. This will break a bit of the stronger colours and give it a natural and organic look. At the same wedding we did this at the hanging installation we did over the top table. It was an ombré of the same colour palette but this time with a lot of greenery! It made the design very lush and still had the same vibe as the other smaller designs.

The important thing here is to make it your own. Make the colours work for you and your partner. Have the flowers that translate who you are and what sort of reception style you are looking for.

Get in touch to talk about your wedding flowers, either classic or modern, under a marquee or at a historic venue, we can design your dream wedding. Since you are here have a look at our Instagram.


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