Our Cabinet of Flowers: Amaryllis

Updated: Jun 10, 2018

Amaryllis is a show-off flower that likes to be the centre stage. Synonymous of the holidays they are wonderful for creating mega, show-stopping festive arrangements.

Despite the festive connotations they are available all year round, and they come in many colours, from burgandy to coral, crimson to lime green stripes, so there is one for every colour theme.

The bulbs last longer than the cut stems in a vase, but they need planning. Allow six weeks from planting the bulb to the trumpet´s opening.

They demand a great deal of space and the stems are so thick they need a generous container with a wide bottom and narrow neck to give both space and support. The bottoms of amaryllis stems can split and start curling upwards so if they are visible either trim the stems every day or wrap the bases with waterproof tape to prevent splitting.

They will last in a vase for up to 3 weeks if you keep the water topped up and fresh.

Combine them with hydrangeas and eucalyptus for a large-scale arrangement.

Also known as: Hippeastrum Vase life: 7 - 14 days

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