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Light Pink Roses You Must Have On Your Wedding Day

A premium rose makes all the difference in a bouquet and a centrepiece. I like to call them emotional roses as it's impossible not to be moved by their beauty. The light pink variety of these roses deserve to be appreciated like a good tea or coffee cup (or anything that you enjoy with your senses).

I highly recommend using these at least in the bridal bouquet but also in the groom's buttonhole and, if your budget allows, just use them everywhere! It is for sure a big "wow factor" that will be the talk of the day.

See below a little bit mor about each one of them, and choose your favourite:

Rose varieties featured in this post : Quicksand, Early Grey, Sahara Sensation, Sahara, Menta, Pink Mondial, White O’hara, Mayra’s Rose, and Pink Majolica.


Meet the beautiful and much loved Quicksand. Those creamy petals and blush pink centers make this is variety absolutely gorgeous in wedding bouquets and arrangements but can be used for much more.

Early Grey

Next up is Early Grey. A unique variety with light lavender to silver centers and outer petals of creamy chartreuse. This whimsical variety opens beautifully and adds interest to any arrangement.

Sahara Sensation

Sahara Sensation is one of the newest spray rose offerings. This variety is stunning with it’s larger peach/champagne blooms that have a soft garden rose look.


Sahara is another super popular variety. Sahara is a gorgeous sandy cream variety that is a perfect option for any season.


Meet Menta, a soft silver/lavender hued variety. Menta’s blooms open beautifully in a swirl of petals for a romantic antique look.

Pink Mondial

This light pink variety has lovely ruffled petals and accents of creamy chartreuse. Pink Mondial is a popular wedding season variety with it’s classical elegance and long bloom life.

White O’hara

While this varieties name says white, White O’Hara’s petals have a hint of ivory pink with beautiful blush centers. The large blooms add romantic focal points to any arrangement and is a popular wedding variety. As a bonus to it’s loverly petals this variety smells absolutely amazing.

Pink Majolica

Pink Majolica is one of our super popular and beautiful pink spray rose varieties.

She opens super fast (within about an hour) after being unwrapped and placed in water. Even though she opens fast she will still holds her blooms for a long time.

Those lovely layered petals that give any arrangement a lush garden rose feel.

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