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Interview with our Florist

Candice was interviewed by the Rising Network. Read it below:

Tell us about the work that you do

I create bespoke flower arrangements. I like to describe the work I do as art, for the simple reason that for me nature is art. And what better celebration of the beauty of nature in the form of art than a composition of fresh flowers? I feel privileged to work with them.

The way I do it is to link who someone is to her representation in a flower arrangement. I try to capture their essence and translate it into the type of flowers, the colours and if it is a celebration, the room and the impact they want on their special day. I do the same thing for businesses and institutions, such as the Rising Network, where I have been asked to create their vision on the stage of the Rising Festival.

How did you transition from your previous line of work to your current one – and why?

It was a challenging time in my life, where after 20 years working as an executive and consultant for large companies I felt that none of that made sense anymore. I wanted to work close to nature and to use my creativity; I am very fond of gardening, so I thought of training to be a garden designer. However, one December I did a wreath workshop and fell in love with flower arranging and design. After that I trained for a year in order to become qualified in this area. So now I have managed to join my passion for nature, creativity and my business acumen all in one place.

What advice would you give someone starting up their own business?

I would say they should do a lot of networking not only to promote their business but also to meet other people who are going through the same challenges. Also, they can meet professionals who can help to answer their questions and give them some guidance. The Rising Network is the perfect place for that.

What do you think is the most significant barrier to women in business?

I see a lot of extraordinary women out there who lack confidence. After all, even today, the business world is a man’s world, so many women have had to toughen up to be successful, and that is a shame because we inhibit our powerful intuitions and sensitivity that can be so helpful to make decisions and hire the right people. I dream that one day the world will be more feminine and can embrace all that is good about being a woman.

Who is your female role model, and why?

Any women who were pioneers in their field inspire me. I know how tough it is to break the rules, to show yourself the way you are and to prove your value. I look up to all those women out there who did it.

What does The Rising Network offer you and other women?

In my opinion the best aspect of the Rising Network is that one is welcomed into a very nurturing environment. It is completely different from any other network, especially because it is made for women by women. Once we feel safe in the group, our minds open to the incredible range of workshops, meetings and courses that are offered. Other women are there to help you with their wisdom and I believe they get the support, the tools and confidence to move forward.

What do you do for self-care and me-time?

I love gardening, cooking, reading a good book and meeting friends. I try to educate myself to be more mindful and try to meditate, exercise and relax, but to be honest it is a challenge.

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