How to be a good Christmas guest

This post is dedicated to the many of us who are going to a Christmas party at someone´s house.

Here are some tips from etiquette bible Debrett's:

1. Bring gifts

Guests should always bring a gift. Chocolate or wine are traditional or something more substantial if you're staying over for the whole holiday.

2. Re-gifting

A re-gifted gift is no good when it comes to good gift-giving etiquette – buy them their own biscuits, luxury oils or box of chocolates.

3. Thank you letter

Taking the time to write a thank you letter will show you care. If this isn't possible, give the host a call to thank them instead. Digital thanks, are better than no thanks at all.

4. Bring a bottle of booze

You can't go wrong with a bottle of booze. Festive spirits like port, advocat or sloe gin are a fun alternative to wine or whiskey. You could also ask the host what they're cooking and find a wine to match the meal. It is the host's decision to serve the bottle you brought (or not do so) and guests mustn't feel offended either way.

5. Bring a contribution to the dinner

A Christmas meal is no easy feat, so your host may appreciate a culinary offering to help ease the burden. To really help, you should ask the host what would be most useful, so you don't end up duplicating dishes.

Finally I should say that a bespoke Christmas flower arrangement is always a pleasant surprise. Just make sure to check if the hosts have any allergies to smells or pollen. And enjoy your festivities!

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