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Flowers at University Arms Hotel Cambridge

I was approached by lovely Aga and Andrej to create their flowers for the wedding in Cambridge. They chose the University Arms hotel - Cambridge for their reception.

The style of the wedding was classic but with an emphasis on the wow factor. They wanted their guests to be in awe when they enter the room. The first piece I was asked to create was the mantelpiece.

My suggestion was to have an asymmetric design that would have a upwards side on the left going down on the right side. All On the left I used beautiful Lilies that stood tall alongside the foliage with a base of hydrangeas. Along the length of the 2 meters of the mantelpiece we had flowers like garden roses, cosmos, agapanthus and foliage like eucalyptus. grasses, Italian ruscus.

Next we had the guest tables. They requested tall gold metal stands with flowers. The design for the tables was also slightly asymmetric with some foliage going up on one side and going down on the opposite side. We created 10 arrangements with lots of foliage, roses, lisianthus, hydrangeas, among other flowers. They were created at the studio and transported to the venue on the wedding day. We lift them on to the gold stands and secured them well so they wouldn't wobble or turn on the stand. The final touches were done on each table by our team.

The last item in the room was the top table flowers. The traditional long and low white and green display was created in a very relaxed style with lots of greenery as a base into two long golden containers. The flowers used were a mix of garden flowers from a local farm and garden roses, cosmos and spray roses to mention a few.

These were the floral designs for the reception of the wedding and you can see the ceremony flowers in another blog post here.

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