Choose the right glass

Tips for your home celebrations

No dinner party is complete without a glass of something to sip. Buying the right glassware is important for successful party-making.

To enjoy drinks at their best, there are still some go-to glasses. White wine suits smaller goblets, with larger-bowled versions for red wine. Sipping ice-free cocktails in upturned cone glasses releases the aromas, mixers need long highball glasses for all the ice and a good stir, and heavyweight tumblers for neat, over-ice or muddler drinks. Don´t forget Martini or Margarita glasses, sherry schooners and mini shot glasses.

To style it up, combine oversized and shapely versions with smooth vessels to create a low key sophisticated look on tables, in dressers and on cocktail trolleys and cabinets. These edgier versions come as clear, ombré or delicately hued, adding interest to drink staging.

A mix-and-match approach is the latest trend, with rule-breaking seen in serving and hosting, too. Who wouldn´t want to sip champagne in a luxe-look coupe rather than a narrow flute?

Most of all find your own style and add a centrepiece of flowers matching or contrasting with your tableware for greater impact.

Are you having a dinner party? Get a fresh flower decoration for your table and make it So Blooming Beautiful!