Bespoke Flowers

Our bespoke bouquets are created inspired by the recipient and the occasion.

We will ask about the recipient's personality, favourite colours, preferred flowers or which ones to avoid, hobbies, profession, any other information that will help me pick the right flowers and create the best design to represent that person. If it is for an occasion, similar information but instead of the person, we will ask information about the venue, home or room where the flowers will be exhibited, their style and surroundings to make sure the flowers will enhance and impact the occasion.

Luxury Bouquet.jpg

50th Birthday 

"I was overjoyed by the absolutely beautiful bouquet which Candice created for me. It was unique, so thoughtful and filled with love. I simply could not have asked for anything more delightful to mark a very special occasion in a very special way."

Simon Hall


"Bright, brilliant and beautiful!

Candice made an arrangement for our wedding anniversary to invoke the lemon trees we saw in the Amalfi Coast on our honeymoon.


Yellow blooms in green foliage, bringing light to our dining table.


Safely and professionally delivered, and excellent value for money."

Jordan Savage

CUF Bespoke Bouquet.jpg

60th Birthday 

"That is absolutely fantastic!

Even better than I imagined. Thank you so much. 

My brother has sent me a message saying how much he likes the arrangement. We'll done you." 

David Heneker 

Our Premium Message

The bouquet will have the sender's message and a message from Candice explaining how she created the bouquet for the recipient based on the information given by the sender, the meaning of every flower in the bouquet inspired by their profession, hobbies, colours, personality and preferences. It is a very emotional and bespoke message unique to each recipient. 

Starting price: £80.00

Please enquire for other prices. 

Minimum of 5 days from order to delivery. 

Delivery in Cambridge is free of charge.